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KUWEE finds your customers, makes sure your brand is looking its best and gives you the best chance of converting their interest into business.

Marcus Feeeman is our CEO and has been across the digital channels for over 30 years.

What KUWEE does
KUWEE is seeing amazing results promoting ads to targeted audiences across the social media channels. KUWEE blends art and science to deliver stunning visuals with data-driven results.

Working closely with Facebook and Instagram, Kuwee finds customers in the digital landscape and it requires no time or expertise from you. Our team of industry experts achieve more bang for your buck, while you focus on your high-value proposition of caring for enquiries and cultivating leads.

Our program engages with both active customers (people looking for your services), as well as passive audiences. (people who do not even know they want to do business with you until they see your ad)

Why it works
Audiences are targeted based on their habits locally, nationally or globally. It is all about reaching out to the right people and is centred around "people marketing". Audiences and the creative design is carefully chosen and specific to your drive more interested people to view and engage.

KUWEE has created proprietary software to not only find the right audiences, but also engage with them right within Facebook. Instantly connect with customers and avoid slow website loads and customers clicking away.

Statistics show that time and time again, more people are engaging / clicking on ads from this program versus any other form of marketing.

Everyone wins... your customers easily find and connect with you, while you WIN new business! Below are a few key points. As follows;

  • Finding your next customer via the major digital channels
  • More people look at their phones than TV
  • Audiences designed to cater for your business...whether local or global
  • Statistics in plain English to help you understand your ads journey
  • Details showing how many people looked at your ad and clicked / engaged
  • Generate more conversations and business with Kuwee
  • Creative designed by Rob Janoff...the designer of the Apple logo
  • Handcrafted landing experiences within the social channels (no lag time)
  • When your customers are lost in the digital landscape...start today

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