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Kuwee will promote your property listing to where people are looking - primarily on their mobile and social media. We find every last buyer plus potential vendors who also see your ads. (Other businesses can also benefit from our programs.)

The digital world is so automated, however we see things very differently and handle the process with the care it deserves, especially when it comes to your past, present and future customers.

We handcraft the best quality ads, find the ideal audience then send all phone calls, form fills, leads and clicks directly to you...not to someone else’s portal! We help build your brand and online presence and treat every single ad with the love it deserves. 

Kuwee are generating outstanding results for many real estate listings and property developments all over the world. Our program are designed to generate direct leads straight to the sales agents. 

Strategy, audience, creative, ad build, ad spend and full reporting included.

• Duration: 4 weeks. (ads run daily, however can be adjusted per listing.)
• Audience: 20,000 + People. (Audience profiled to ensure quality engagement.)
• Channels: Facebook Premium, Instagram & Linkedin.
• Creative Ad: Premium ad types designed to generate optimum engagement.
• Social Video: Includes the creation of high quality social video.
• Reports in plain English: Dashboard setup to offer access into your ad activity.
• Audience: We use mobile & email databases, plus social profiles.
• Setup Fees: Included.
• Creative Design: Included.

ORDERING - Simply "add to cart" and "checkout" to purchase this product. As soon as complete, our team will contact you to arrange the details of your ad. The process is very simple and ensures the right audience, best creative and full reporting is in motion. Most effective way to advertise versus any other channel.   


Advertise where people are looking
The mobile phone is the number 1 screen and it makes sense to advertise where people are looking. People use their mobile everyday...first thing they do when they wake up and the last thing they do when they go to sleep!

People engage with their phones more than desktop, TV, radio and print, yet mobile advertising is often overlooked. 

It’s the  most important channel to reach people and Kuwee is experiencing outstanding results for our clients.


Crafting the right audience
Kuwee have extensive experience in creating the right audiences to ensure that when people see your ads, they engage and connect.

This aspect of the program is crucial and uncovers an audience of people who have expressed an interest in your type of business or area of expertise.

Creating the right audience sets the foundation for your campaign and we constantly monitor and optimise based on live engagement and actual business generated.

From creating lookalike audiences from your existing data, to setting up a global audience of people with an interest in your offer, we ensure your are being promoted to the right people.

We strive to ensure that the right message is seen by the right person at the right time.


Not all ads are made equal

Not all ads are created equal and Kuwee handcraft every ad to ensure the best experience is delivered...elevating your brand to new heights.

Given that these ads will be seen by your customers, we believe it is really important to treat every ad with extra care. 

There are many ads created automatically and with no care, however when it comes to your brand being seen by the people who keep you in business, our view is to ensure you are looking your very best at all times.


Reports in plain English

Finding and engaging with past, present and future customers is crucial, however it is also very important to understand what advertising experience is working and why?

Most mediums do not offer feedback about your specific ad and offer vague data at best. General data such as overall viewers and print runs can be reported, but not much more.

TV cannot tell you if a person watches your TV Commercial, a newspaper cannot tell you if someone has read your ad and radio cannot tell you if a person has listened to your ad.


Human attention is on their phones

Discover what is working for your business and start doing more of what works.

Human attention span has dropped from 12 secs in 2002, to only 8 seconds in 2013. (One second shorter than a goldfish.)

• People’s attention is on their phones.

• People look at their phones over 150 times / day.

• The scarcest commodity for business is attention.

• People run their life through their phones... researching, shopping, learning, sharing and at times even talking!

• The growth in phones and facebook audience will continue to dominate human attention with rapid incline over the next 3 years.


N.B. The Kuwee team will email you as soon as your order has been submitted. Our team will create your audience, build your ad and make sure you are happy with your ad before going live. All reporting is sent to you and you can understand what your ads is doing and how many people are reacting.

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